Are you planning to visit Myanmar during the holidays??

Difficulty in deciding where to stay in Myanmar?


Four- and five- star hotels are all very well, but often subject to rules about accommodating children, with expensive extras.

Think about Pyay Garden Residence: a splendid modern building in a secluded, safe spot in the prime commercial area, overlooking the magnificent Shwedagon pagoda and the city of Yangon.

Pyay Garden Residence is one of the luxury residence in Yangon. 

Pyay Garden Residence provide not just rooms, but three bedroom apartments –ideal for a family with your own kitchenette and ample living space as well! This truly is a home away from home environment yet

there is no need to do any cleaning – it is all done for you on a daily basis. 

Pyay Garden Residence is self-contained: a leafy, attractive spot, with its own convenience store, café, gym, restaurant, pool, supervised kids’ play room, spa and many more facilities for your pleasant stay.

"Pyay Garden Residence - Just the place for a happy, secure family holiday in Myanmar"