Serviced Apartment over Hotels

At Pyay Garden Residence we are often asked by potential residents why they should choose a serviced apartment building such as ours over a regular hotel. Most residents here at Pyay Garden Residence would, I am sure, say that a serviced apartment such as ours ‘feels more like home’. We are a small community, where the staff know the residents by name and where help and assistance is available day or night. Our services compare to any top-class hotel, ranging from room service, gym and pool, to our dedicated kids’ suite, where small children can have supervised play. The difference is that we are providing a home. We pride ourselves that we offer a relaxed living atmosphere, where friends and family can come to stay, for example, because the apartment is yours to use. No hassle, no booking. At Pyay Garden Residence you can shop at our supermarket, or work out at the gym day or night in a relaxed, unhurried uncrowded atmosphere, assisted by professional staff whom you know. We like to think that we look after our residents with care and dedication: our job is to make life easy for you. Pyay Garden Residence is peaceful and secluded, yet only a few minutes from downtown or the airport. Our Sales and Front Office staff are very happy to show you our building and to do all that we can to ensure that staying at Pyay Garden Residence is a happy, comfortable and relaxing experience. We are proud of Pyay Garden Residence as the prime place to live in Yangon.