ChaukHtatGyi Pagoda

ChaukHtatGyi Pagoda houses a remarkable reclining Buddha image which is 65 metres long and 16 metres high. The Buddha image is sometimes referred as the "Sweet-Eyed Buddha" by foreign visitors.

The statue's porcelain face is punctuated by expressive large eyes (made from special imported Japanese glass), vermillion lips and bright blue eye shadow even the nails are painted red. Resting on his right, the Buddha's staggered feet (indicating the living state just before his death) are decorated with 108 sacred Buddhist symbols.

Surrounding the statue are small shrines devoted to Buddha of each day of the week. According to eastern astrology, there are eight days to a week, Wednesday counting as two. The tradition is that visitors first pay homage to the main Buddha, with flowers and candles, and then worship at the shrine of the Buddha according to their birth date.

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda is 4.9 Km far from Pyay Garden Residence and takes about 14 minute – drive to get there from the Residence.